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Week 7 (4th - 8th May)

Thursday 7th May 2020


Morning all.  It was lovely to see some of your smiley faces and to hear about what you've been up to in our Zoom call.  I will be sending out another invite soon so we can meet up next week.  Tomorrow I will not be setting any work as its the Bank Holiday, however check out your class pages for activities to celebrate VE day.   

Crocodile Snap is a children's song designed to help children improve the fine motor skills they need to hold a pencil.

Pick one of the Maths tasks
You can make up your own repeating patterns with Lego, counters etc. or make up one where you have to add the missing pieces to complete the pattern.
Maths Task 2 - watch the video below and then answer the questions

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Morning to you all.  I'm looking forward to speaking to you all today via our video chat.  Check your parent's email to make sure you have the link.  Contact me if you can't find it and I'll send it to you again

You only need to watch the first 2 minutes of this video


Time for a brain break.....

Pick one of the Maths Tasks
Maths Task 1 - Watch the video and complete the practical activity.  Can you find half of different objects around your house. Remember both sides have to be equal.

Some of your fantastic work you've sent in.  Well done and keep it up! laugh

Tuesday 5th May 2020


Good morning to you all.  Its been lovely to hear from some of you and seeing some of your fantastic work that you've been doing from home.  Keep it up!


Reading - at least 10 minutes


Nessy - Reading and Spellings - at least 10 minutes


Common Exception Words - Can you find it? - Lay out 8 to 10 of your word cards. Shut your eyes as your parent hides something behind one of them.  It could be a coin or a picture etc.  You have to shout out the word you think its hidden behind.  You could even practise writing the word.   

Take a quick Brain Break!

Pick one of the Maths Tasks

Monday 4th May 2020


Morning everyone and I hope you're all well.  We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday with our video call.  Please check your email for your invite smiley


Reading - at least 10 minutes


Nessy - Reading and Spelling - at least 10 minutes


Common Exception Words - Swat!  Lay out some of your words on the table or floor.  Your parent or sibling shouts out a word and you have to swat it.

Take a brain break and complete the Minecraft adventure

Pick one of the Maths Tasks