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Autumn 2020

Family Friday

The children had a great time at their half termly Family Friday. The children’s parents were invited in and they were given a variety of activities to do. They could do painting, carve pumpkins, make pumpkin sweet parcels and make pumpkins lanterns. Everyone had a great time and the children enjoyed sharing it with their parents!

Nature Rainbow

The children enjoyed another successful Welly Wednesday. They were given the task of creating a rainbow using natural objects. They had to find items that were red, orange, yellow, green and red. They put these in a basket and then took them back to Nursery where they assembled them to make a beautiful rainbow. Well done Nursery!

Body Map

This week the children have been looking at the different parts of their bodies. They went on a treasure hunt to find the body part labels and then as a group worked together to label our human. The children really amazed us with their knowledge!

Music- Egg Shakers

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In music the children have been learning about rhythm. Using songs and egg shakers they played along to the beat and the directions of the songs. They had a great time and were really engaged, enjoying sharing their experience with their peers.

Emotion biscuits

This week the children have been exploring emotions and expressions. They have been talking about how they feel and to finish the week they chose their favourite emotion and created their own emotion biscuit!

Comparing groups with reasoning- more and less

The children have been working on their use of mathematical language and reasoning. Today they were given a picture to look at and discussed the number of items and which had the most. The children then had to explain how they knew. They remained focused throughout this and could explain their reasoning clearly.

P.E- Slithering Snakes

This week in PE the children focused on moving like snakes. They talked about how snakes move and where they live. The children said they slithered across the floors, went through tunnels and along trees and hid under the rocks. Using gymnastics apparatus the children replicated this movement and used their upper body strength to move across the floor.

Role Play

The children have enjoyed getting into character this week with mummies and doctors arriving in Nursery. They have used props to aid their imaginative play with great success!

Stick Man

This week the children read the story ‘Stickman’ and went to the field to collect the sticks to make our very own stick person. The children chose a stick for their body, arms and legs and together we used tape to make the stick man shape. The children used different materials for their hair and finally stuck on some googly eyes.


Today the children were exploring their senses. They spent time looking at a variety of different foods and then describing them using their senses. They were presented with soy sauce, marmite, mustard, honey, lemon, pineapple, chocolate, mint Polo, crisps and dip. The children first had to describe what the food looked like, then what it felt like, what it smelt like and finally what it tasted like. At each step as a group they generated appropriate vocabulary to fit. Every child tried every item so we were super impressed that they tried new things! Well done!

P.E- Gymnastics

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Still image for this video
In P.E the children have been focusing on gymnastics. They have been doing this in the context of jungle animals. They began by moving like different animals and then learnt to climb up the wall bars, through them and down the other side. The children then moved on to climbing up the gym apparatus, along the bench and jumping off the other side. They needed lots of confidence and bravery to do this and they definitely show this!

Muddy Monday

We changed our Welly Wednesday to Monday this week. The children went to the school field and found the conker tree there. They had great fun collecting a number of conkers and also sticks so they can make their own stick families!

Self- Portraits

This term the children are focusing on the topic 'Marvellous Me'. As part of this they identified the different features they have on their face such as hair and eye colour and other features such as a nose and mouth. They then drew this next to a photo of them. I think they did a great job!


The children were very happy to see the tortoises return to Nursery and enjoyed spending time with them and feeding them their favourite snacks.

Welly Wednesday

For our first Welly Wednesday we decided to show the children the newly renovated Nature garden at the back of the school. The children spent time exploring the new areas such as the fairy garden, the animal hides and also the texture boxes. They also enjoyed pond dipping and looking for newts!

Name Writing

This week the children focused on name writing. They enjoyed copying over their own name and then refining their independent writing with specific letter formations for their name. I think we can all agree they did a great job and should be very proud of themselves!


Nursery spent the first few days getting to know their new Nursery. They explored lots of the toys we have inside and out and really enjoyed themselves!