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Friday 8th January

Happy Friday Eagle Class,


Well done for getting to the end of your first week of home learning. I have loved seeing the photos of your shelters and I have put them on the class page. I have also been very impressed at the photos of your phonics, writing and maths work - you have done so well this week presenting your work neatly and showing some great understanding, I hope you have had fun too.


Remember it is ok to have questions and not to understand and when we are on our zoom calls next week I can go over things you have found harder.


I have made a few changes to your learning from today so if you are in Phonics Groups A and B you do not need to do the writing activity as well. I have also organised maths into 2 activities - Blue and Green, I will have emailed your parents if you are going to do the Blue activity otherwise everyone else please complete the Green.


Any questions, please ask.


Have a relaxing and fun weekend, see you on zoom Monday morning!


Mrs Molley

Maths Blue Group - Add by counting on

Your parents will have received an email telling you if you are in Blue Group.
Please watch the video, pausing when you need to and then complete the worksheet. You could use lego blocks, buttons, pasta or something else to help you count.
Remember it is easier to start with the biggest number and count on from there because it doesn't matter what order you add the numbers in.
You can also try the hit the button game, number bonds to 10 and 20.

Maths - Blue Group worksheet Add by counting on

Maths Green Group - Add by making 10

Watch the video and complete the worksheet. This is revision on number bonds to 10 (numbers that add together to make 10) and using these to solve calculations. If you find it easy please have a go at the challenge and there is a link to hit the button where you can choose to practice your number bonds to 10, 20 or even 100! See how fast you can get.

When you are doing the work instead of counters you could use small lego bricks, pasta or buttons. Remember you can also use your fingers to help you with number bonds to 10.

Answers for yesterday's worksheet Green Group questions for today and link to a game. Thanks to Grayson for the picture of the solution to the maths challenge.

Writing - Phonics Groups A and B do not need to complete this

PE - Take a look at some ideas for staying active!