Manor Primary School

Making People Successful

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Our Vision and Values

At Manor Primary School there exists a welcoming, family atmosphere of warmth, security, trust and friendliness where firmness is mixed with encouragement and challenge to stimulate your child.


Manor Primary is based upon committed teamwork involving teachers, staff, parents, pupils and Governors. This teamwork is based upon mutual respect, support and understanding of all.


We want all our pupils to be happy, to have high self-esteem and to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, so that they can learn to handle new situations and be fully equipped for the next phase of their life.


We have a reactive curriculum that teaches life skills as well as a full curriculum.  We want our pupils to flourish in all aspects of their life and we celebrate our successes across the school.  Part of the value of school is experiencing and learning to cope with a wider social environment; learning to relate well to other people and beginning to see things from another's point of view; learning to share, to be tolerant and to care for others; to be honest, reliable and show concern for each other and their property; to value other cultures and other people's rights to their beliefs.


We want all our pupils to enjoy school, to develop enthusiasm, confidence, resilience and a questioning approach to life. We see children as individuals with differing needs and strengths; inclusion of all pupils is a core value.  Our aim is to extend and support all children and help them to release their full potential. We have high but realistic expectations and are ambitious for all member of the school community. We want all our pupils to give of their best, appreciate what they can do well and what they could make better.