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Friday 22nd January

Maths-Heron and Jay Class

We have added 3 activities for maths;

  • a maths practice activity
  • a maths activity
  • a maths challenge activity

For anyone finding the maths activity a bit tricky try the practice activity. 

For those of you completing the activity, why not try the challenge!!  Remember it is good to challenge ourselves.

Please watch the video before completing the activities.

Related calculations

Maths Activities

Maths Booklets

You should now have your Multiplication and Division maths booklets which you can use for your maths today.  (The worksheets have been added to the website for anyone who has not yet collected the booklet)


For those of you completing the maths activity you need to complete as much of pages 10-13 (Related calculations) as you can.


For those of you who have been completing the practice maths activity you need to complete pages 10-11 (Related calculations) .  If you would like to try more questions that would be great.


The challenge maths activity has been added to the website for those that would like to challenge themselves!!

Answers for Thursdays maths
Phonics Groups A and B
Phonics Groups C, D and E


In this lesson, you will learn about how people are improving the landscape in this country for wildlife and plants. Start with the power point and then move onto the activity of your choice. 


Choose ONE of the activities to complete.


Activity 1: Complete the school to show which animals may be found on a school nature trail.



Activity 2: Design a garden that would be a habitat for lots of different types of wildlife. Use the power point to help you and think about which spaces you will need to include (grass, plants, water etc) You can draw your design on the squared paper provided or on a different sheet.


If you are able, send your work to your class teacher.