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Summer Term

Today the children graduated from Nursery and what a day it was. A beautiful ceremony (interrupted by a fire alarm), lots of awards, tears, laughter and smiles. Then tea and cake to finish off. Good Luck on your next adventure!!!!

Today the children participated in our school fundraising non- colour run. The children had great fun running around the track getting soaked with water pistols and water balloons! Great job Nursery!

Vegetable Description

Continuing with their ‘Enormous Turnip’ book focus this week, today the children explored different language. The children began by drawing their favourite vegetable ensuring that they focused on the appropriate shapes using closed lines. They then discussed the different vocabulary they could use to describe it and wrote these down.

Vegetable Drawings

Today the children continued their exploration of vegetables and had a go at drawing them. They focused on the different shapes of the vegetables and used closed line shapes to create their vegetables. They then coloured them in using the appropriate colours.

Repeating Patterns

Today the children reviewed their learning of repeating patterns. Using physical objects the children were encouraged to create their own patterns using an ABAB format and then moved on to AABAAB format.

On Monday we read the boom ‘Omar, the bees and me’. The children enjoyed talking about the story and the importance of bees. They then talked about the honey cake that was made and the recipe at the end of the story. I made them this cake on Monday evening and they all tried it on Tuesday. It was a success!

Fire Engine

Fire Engine

Still image for this video

Today the children had a visit from their local fire brigade. They got the chance to listen to a talk and see all the equipment they use. They then got to go in the fire engine! A great time had by all!

Beep Beep Day

Today the children participated in Beep Beep Day. They spent time focusing on road safety and how they can be safe in the car and when walking. The children talked about the importance of wearing a seatbelt and were shown a model of this with a cuddly toy and pretend car. They also spent time learning the importance of holding hands when walking near a road and how to cross a road safely. They completed a variety of activities in groups, as a class and individually.

We had some new friends start with us after Easter so we spent the first week getting back into the routine of Nursery and showing our new friends the fantastic toys we have to play with. We made the most of the sunshine and got out in the garden!

Over the Easter holidays the children worked really hard on their homework and were very excited to show their friends and teachers.