Manor Primary School

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Spring 2022

Science Week 

Today we became plant detectives! We went exploring in the nature area where we named and described some of the plants we found. We noticed that plants can grow in different places and we thought about how the plants we found may have got there.

I Spy

The children played the game ‘I spy’ and were able to independently write the different objects that they could see from the piece of paper. They used ‘Fred Talk’ to sound out the word and also used a sound mat to help them form some of the letters.

Identifying the correct CVC word

The children independently used their Phonics knowledge to match the correct word to the picture. They used ‘Fred Talk’ to help them read the words.

World Book Day

We had lots of fun celebrating world book day. We came to school in our pyjamas and brought our blankets and cuddly toys into school. We began the day by sharing one of our favourite class books  'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. We did lots of fun activities around this, including making the food for our own tea party with a Tiger! We spent the afternoon sharing other stories and enjoying warm milk and cookies and a bedtime story.


Pancake Day

The children had lots of fun celebrating Pancake Day today. They took part in a pancake race and then had the chance to eat a pancake themselves. They were able to choose whether they would like their pancake plain or to add sugar and lemon. They also got to create their own pancakes using a paper plate, paint and glitter and also made pancakes out of Playdough.

Valentine's Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the children had great fun making Valentine cards and love bugs made from playdough.

Sorting 9 and 10

The children had to look at the cards and see if they represent 9 or 10 and then sort them into 2 groups.

Nurse Visit

The children were very excited when they had a visit from a Nurse. They learnt all about her job and the different equipment that she uses and were then able to handle the equipment themselves. They also had a chance to put a plaster carefully onto a friend and to observe how to put bandages onto children when they are hurt.

Chinese New Year

The children had great fun celebrating Chinese New Year. They listened to the story of the Chinese New Year, discussing the different positions of how the animals finished the race and if they were an animal in the race how would they have crossed the river. We also found out how Chinese families celebrate this special time together  and the importance of cleaning their house in preparation. The children participated in lots of different activities throughout the day such as dragon dancing, making lanterns, creating cards, role play with food and also tasting food.

Finding ways to make 8

We found different ways of making 8. 

Police Visit

This term the children have been learning about the topic ‘People who help us’. This week they have focused on police and even had a visit from some PCSO’s. They learnt about the job they do and how they help people, the different type of police officers and the equipment they use. They also had a chance to go into the van, sit in the driver seat, the cage in the back and then finally to hear the siren!

Object Hunt

The children went on a hunt around the classroom to find some objects that would fit inside a small box. They had to think about the size and length of each object that they found. Then using a 5 frame they had to count how many objects they had altogether and identify whether they had more or less objects in their box compared to their class teacher.


The children really enjoyed their PE lesson. They started by playing a warm up game called ‘Dead Ants and Skydivers’. They found this really funny and enjoyed lying on their backs with their arms and legs in the air for dead ants and then lying on their tummies for the skydivers.
After the warm up they had to balance beanbags on different body parts and then move across a mat and bench whilst still balancing the beanbag.