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Goldfinch Class

Welcome to the Spring Term home learning page.  We will be posting work on here by 5pm each evening for the following day.  If you have any questions or would like to get in touch then please do:


Tuesday 5th January 2021

Happy New Year!  We hope that you are all well and keeping safe.  To get you started for today I have provided some lesson work for English and maths.  The English work is linked to your Read, Write, Inc - There are spelling and reading lessons- please also have a go at writing some of the words.


In maths there are 2 different lesson focuses - please pick the one which best challenges you!

Read, Write, Inc:

We have 3 groups in Goldfinch - please refer to the RWI book colour sent home if you are unsure which set to work on with your child.  Click on the video links below and watch the lessons for your group.

Set 1 Read, Write, Inc (Red Group)
Set 2 Read, Write, Inc (Pink Group)
Set 3 Read, Write, Inc (Grey Group)


Group 1: Add by counting on

Group 2: Recognise Equal Groups