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Tuesday 12th January

Maths-Heron and Jay Class

We have added 3 activities for maths;

  • a maths practice activity
  • a maths activity
  • a maths challenge activity

For anyone finding the maths activity a bit tricky try the practice activity. 

For those of you completing the activity, why not try the challenge!!  Remember it is good to challenge ourselves.

Please watch the video before completing the activities.  



Add two 3-digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100

Maths Activities
Answers for Mondays maths

Tuesday Falcon Maths Subtract two 4-digit numbers (more than one exchange)

This builds nicely on yesterday's activity. Remember to:
- Put the larger number on top
- Start with the ones column
- Exchange from the column to the left if you can't take away
- If you need to exchange and there's a 0, remember to exchange only one column at a time (0 becomes 10, then exchange again to make it a 9) - this is a tricky part!

Falcon Maths Challenge

Phonics Groups A and B
Phonics Groups C, D and E


Read through the power point and then use the information to help with your activity.

Choose one of the activities to complete:


Activity 1: Draw lines to match the nutrient to how it helps your body to be healthy.




Activity 2: Design a meal that includes food from each of the nutrient groups. Try to think about which foods would make a full meal.

As always, if you are able, don't forget to send any work you have completed today to your teachers :)