Manor Primary School

Making People Successful

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Autumn Term


The children were given the task of matching buttons that are the same and explain how they knew this. They also had to find the one button that was different and did not have a match.


After listening to the story 'Stickman', the children made their own stickman using sticks and Sellotape. First they decided which length of sticks they were going to use for different body parts and then they placed them onto the paper. Finally they used Sellotape to fix them to the paper.

CVC Words


The children were given the task of finding letters to match the word and then writing the word. They were also asked if they could identify the sounds within each word.


Following a maths input about pattern, the children decided to use different objects to create their own patterns.

My Family

As a class, the children discussed their own family and then any similarities and differences between their own family and other children’s families. The children then drew their own family and labelled each member.