Manor Primary School

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Autumn Term

Pudsey Drawings

We watched a video clip of how to draw Pudsey Bear and tried our best to copy what we saw. We started with the body, then added two rectangles for the legs. We then drew a big circle for the head, followed by two little circles for his ears. Finally we drew two rectangles for his arms.

Sorting Shapes

The children were given the task of sorting shapes into either circles or triangles. They were then encouraged to explain how they knew it was either a triangle or a circle using language such as ‘sides’, ‘corners’, ‘straight’ and ‘curved’. 


The children have been learning about Remembrance Day and the significance it has. Today the children made their own poppies. They painted a lolly stick green and then using scissors they cut out the flower and attached it to the lolly stick using sellotape.

Comparing numbers

The children played a comparing game with a partner, where they had to turn a card over and figure out which number was represented. Whoever had 'more' won the cards. They were encouraged to use the vocabulary of ‘more’, ‘less’ and ‘same’ when comparing the cards.

Firework Pictures

The children created their own firework pictures today. They used a cardboard tube to print and then glitter to add a bit of sparkle!


Today we discussed our five senses and which body parts we use for these senses. We then used our sense of smell and touch to work out what the mystery items were.


The children were given the task of matching buttons that are the same and explain how they knew this. They also had to find the one button that was different and did not have a match.


After listening to the story 'Stickman', the children made their own stickman using sticks and Sellotape. First they decided which length of sticks they were going to use for different body parts and then they placed them onto the paper. Finally they used Sellotape to fix them to the paper.

CVC Words


The children were given the task of finding letters to match the word and then writing the word. They were also asked if they could identify the sounds within each word.


Following a maths input about pattern, the children decided to use different objects to create their own patterns.

My Family

As a class, the children discussed their own family and then any similarities and differences between their own family and other children’s families. The children then drew their own family and labelled each member.