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Kingfisher Class

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good break and are ready for 2021! I will be posting work here by 5pm for the following day, to give parents time to do any preparations such as printing etc. if needed. You can complete the work on paper or type up and email it to me if you'd prefer. Feel free to ask any questions about any of the work that is uploaded. My direct email is below and I would be glad to help where I can. Please send me any work you do that you would like me to share with the rest of class. Stay safe and sensible.


Mr Lathia -

January 15th 2021
Hello everyone. I hope you are all okay and well. It was nice to see so many of you on the zoom call. Hopefully you will be a little better at using 'there, their and they're now. Remember we will be meeting online again today at 12. See you there.


Today in maths you will progress on to learning how to do simple division which have remainders. Like always when learning something new, you will have to persevere and concentrate extra hard. Just do your best that's all I can ask. Leave out any questions you cannot do and make a note of them so you can tell me about them in the zoom call. Watch the video and answer the questions in the link below. You may need to watch the video a couple of times if you find it tricky. Also pause the video at points to give yourself time to do some calculations, this may help your understanding. Question 7 and 8 are a challenge so only do them if you can. Good luck Kingfisher!




This is your final lesson for the persuasive writing unit. Today, you will complete your persuasive advert for a healthy snack, that you have designed. Remember to use the work that you have been learning over the last two weeks to help you write your advert. Here is a reminder of some of the features you have learnt:


Scientific vocabulary



Subordinating conjunctions


Rhyme, alliteration and puns



Follow the link below and remember to send me a photo of your work as I would love to see your healthy snack advert!

First News:


Today in science you will be exploring asexual and sexual plant reproduction and the life cycle of plants. follow the link and follow the instructions. There are some videos and activities for you to do and also some extra ideas for you if you want to do more at home. Just do what you can and enjoy!

Your Work:
January 14th 2021


Today's maths session will focus on new learning and we will be dividing 4-digits by 1-digit numbers. It will be similar to the last session but with a couple of extra steps. Stick with it, children often need a few tries at division before they nail it so persevere. Just do your best and do not stress about it. Watch the video and complete the questions in the link below.

Dividing 4-digits by 1-digit


Follow the instructions on the link for the reading text and questions for the day. Do the questions you can and try to write in full sentences.


In today's lesson you are going to focus on using complex sentences. You will be learning how to use subordinating conjunctions and choosing the most appropriate ones for your writing. You will then use these alongside the scientific vocabulary, comparatives and superlatives that you have learnt. If you have any notes or work from this week and last week, put them in front of you to help you write your complex sentences. I know it sounds difficult but just do your best.
In Art this week, you are going to need to collect some eye-catching, colourful packaging such as sweet wrappers, biscuit wrappers, cereal boxes etc. Follow the steps on the slides. Keep your work ready for next weeks lesson! Please email us your masterpieces as we would love to see them!

Your Work:

Remember to keep sending in your work so I can share what you are doing. Also, send in other things, apart from home learning, you've been doing that your proud of so I can celebrate what you've done.

January 13th 2021


Moving on from Dividing 2-digits by 1-digit, we are now going to move onto Dividing 3-digits by 1-digit. I think you will be okay with tackling this, like always, just do your best and remember you can ask me questions about it in the Zoom Call. Watch the Video and complete the questions in the link below. Good luck.

Divide 3-digits by 1-digit

Here is the reading lesson for today. Read the text and answer the questions as best you can. Try and answer in full sentences if you can so you get some handwriting practice as well. 


In this session, you will build on the work you've done on vocabulary and focus on alliteration, rhyme, adjectives and slogans. You will then write your own slogan for your healthy snack. Keep them safe because I will get you to share your ideas in the zoom call. Just do your best and remember to make your slogan catchy. Follow the link below for the session. Good luck!

Every week, as part of PE, I will be putting up some challenges to help keep you active and fit. Try these tasks everyday and get into some sort of routine doing them. I will change these challenges every week. See if you can challenge someone at home and give yourself some real competition. What was your personal best? See if you can improve everyday with practice! There is a video attached to the challenges to show you how to do each one, just click the link on the page that's above each challenge. The challenges are fairly simple so you all of you will be able to do them. Good luck and stay fit.
This term in PSHE, we are looking at your goals for this year and for your future. Today, you need to select a realistic goal that you would like to achieve and begin to think of steps you need to take so that you can reach your goal. Think about strengths that you need to be able to help you reach your goal too!

January 12th 2021


Well done to everyone who logged onto the zoom call. Remember we are meeting again today at 12pm.



Today's maths session will be on 'dividing 2-digits by 1-digit' again, but this time the session will be a little more difficult to push your learning on. Do not stress if you don't understand something, just do your best, that's all I can ask. Remember I will be available online on 'Zoom' if you need any questions answering. Watch the video and answer the questions in the link below, Good Luck!

More Dividing 2-digits by 1-digit


In today's lesson you are going to learn more root words that you can apply the suffixes 'er', 'est' and 'test' to the end of words. You will need to know and understand the following key vocabulary:

Suffix - a group of letters at the end of a word that changes its meaning.

Root word - most basic version of a word.

Adjective - an adjective describes a noun. 


Here you just need to read the text and answer the questions. If you struggle to read it, get someone at home to read it for you can see if you can answer the questions. Remember, just do you best and don't stress.
This term's R.E. is on Sikhism. This lesson focusses on what you remember from last term. Again, just do your best and use google if you need to jog your memory.


January 11th 2021
Remember we are meeting today at 12pm on Zoom. Your parents should have the 'Zoom Meeting ID' and the 'Passcode' so you can join. It will be good to see you all there.


This week we will be dividing numbers. I know some of you worry about this but please don't, we will go at a nice steady pace. Remember you can ask me questions on the Zoom Call at 12pm if you get stuck. Try your best in doing the lesson, it should just be a little refresher of what you did last year. The questions are in a link below the video. Good luck.

Divide 2-digits by 1-digit


In today's lesson you will exploring unhealthy and healthy snacks. There is a warm up writing task which revisits using superlatives, such as greatest and fastest. You will then begin to think about your healthy snack. When you are doing this, think of the purpose of the snack and the audience.

Purpose: To design a healthy snack

Audience: Will it be for yourself? Your parent? Your teacher? Or someone else?


Today's Reading task is a news debate. Read through the article and then at the end decide who you think is the biggest hero. Remember to give three reasons why you chose them and three reasons why you didn't choose the other people. We will talk about this in our zoom meet so be ready to feedback your responses.


Watch the video from the link and complete the worksheet as you go. You will need to label the diagram and add notes about each layer of the Earth. Feel free to colour it in after if you wish. Email them into me so I can share them with the rest of the class.
Your Work:
January 8th 2021

In today's English lesson you will be focussing on the important vocabulary associated with meals. Follow the video below and make a list of words that you learn so you can use them next Friday in your healthy snack advert. Also, try and find out what these words mean and see if you can use them in a sentence:


wholesome         hearty       sumptuous


Today the new learning will be Multiplying 4-digits by 1-digit. Watch the video and try your best to complete the questions using the provided link below. If you find his difficult just do what you can to answer questions 1-3. Question 9 is a challenge so have a go if you are feeling confident. Good Luck and do not worry. I will be speaking to you next week so you can tell me what you found difficult then. I have also attached the answers below for the 'Multiplying 3-digits by 1-digit' work.

Multiplying 4-digits by 1-digit


This terms PSHE is on 'Dream and Goals'. Miss Thompson and Mrs Harris have answered these questions, what would your answers be? Follow the link below and send in your answers to me if you can because I would love to read them. 

Use these pictures and text, in the links above, to generate conversations with people at home about an issue currently happening around the world today.
Your Work:
January 7th 2021
In today's English lesson, you will look at building on your scientific vocabulary to describe your healthy snack. Try and be adventurous as you can. Use a thesaurus if you have one. An online thesaurus is also just as good. 

Maths: Multiplying 3-digits by 1-digit

This is lesson 3 on multiplication where we will be looking at multiplying 3-digits by 1-digit. Again there may be new things you may not have seen but do not panic and just do what you can. From next week I am hoping to hold video calls everyday so we will have an opportunity to go through again together. Complete the questions below after watching the video. Leave question 2 out and if you struggle with this then do not worry about doing questions 7 and 8 although it's always good to have a go! I have also put the answers up for yesterday's session.

If you struggle with this comprehension then scan the text and try and find: 


An adjective.

A verb.

A word with three of the same letter in it. For example, 'extremely' has 3 letter 'e' in it.

A statistic.

A sub-heading.

An you might find in the supermarket.

An item you can eat.

Today's P.E. lesson is all about getting active. Complete the 10-1 circuit and then reflect on what you found easy/difficult and why? Design your own 10-1 workout and time a family member to see how long they take to complete it. Who will be the champion in your house? Send me in your 10-1 workout plan or a photo of someone doing the one you've created. Good Luck!
Your Work:
January 6th 2021
For English there are two short sessions with two short tasks so I have put two together. The sessions are on suffixes and prepositions which we have covered in class previously. Follow the two links below for the sessions.

Maths: Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit

This is 'Lesson 2' on Multiplying 2-digits by 1-digit. Some of the strategies may be new to you so do not panic if at first they seem unusual. There are some questions to answer on the link below the video, along with a link to the answers for yesterdays Maths 'Lesson 1'. Just do your best and do not stress if you cannot do something, just leave it out. Good Luck.

If you get really really stuck then you can use a calculator but don't give up easily. I will post the answers for this tomorrow so you or someone at home can mark your work.
If you struggle with this comprehension then find as many Proper nouns in the text as you can and write them out. How many can you find? Remember a proper noun will always start with a capital letter and is usually the name of a person, place, or object, as for example IcelandPatrick, or Jupitar. Good luck!

Art: Little Inventors

Follow The link below for this weeks art session. Enjoy!

January 5th 2021
For English we are going to be looking at Persuasive Writing with a focus on Healthy Eating. Please follow the link and watch the video and complete the appropriate tasks.
For Science this week, you should watch the video on 'Why do plants grow?' using the link below and complete the quiz at the end of it to see how much you remembered. Make a note of how many points you get. Good luck!

Maths: Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit

This is 'Lesson 1' on Multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit. There will be questions to complete after the video that you will find in another link on our class page. Good Luck.

Multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit Questions - Refresher

This will get you thinking about multiplication again. If you struggle, just do what you can. You may also use a calculator to help you with your times tables if you need it. Good luck and do not stress about anything you cannot do. I will post the answers to this on the following day so you or someone at home can mark them.
If you struggle with this comprehension then find 8 words from the text that you do not recognise and write out the meaning of them words to increase your vocabulary knowledge. Just do whatever you can and do not panic about it. I will post the answers for this on the following day.