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Home Learning

Enjoy a bit of crafting today and have a go at creating your favourite farm animal. I have attached a number of different options that you can follow, but you can always use your own ideas!

Today complete the 'My Farm' activity. Children are to create their own farm using the cut outs or drawing their own pictures. Encourage them to cut the pictures out themselves or to draw the pictures using the correct shapes and then label them. The children can give their farm a name as well.

Today complete the 'At the Farm I See' writing frame. Discuss and write about the different animals and things that you see at the farm and draw a picture of what you have written. Recap your phonics sounds and sing some of your favourite Nursery Rhymes.

Choose some of the activities from the Home Learning file above and complete them, making sure you upload your work to Tapestry. Enjoy!

Let's Be Silly Yoga Club 🤡 (Week 87) I Cosmic Kids Yoga

Thursday 31st March 2022

Choose one of the arctic animals and write an animal description. Make sure to use different adjectives to describe them and then have a go at drawing an accurate picture of them.

Wednesday 30th March 2022

Today please discuss the different parts of a flower and about pollination using the plans above. Then create a poster of the different things that they have learnt about spring flowers.

Tuesday 29th March 2022

Following our weekly focus on arctic animals, the children will maker silhouettes today. First they need to watercolour a piece of plain paper to create a snowy sunset effect. Then cut a pawprint out of black card or paper and stick it over the top. When it is dry draw an arctic animal using black in the sunset. Enjoy!

Today please revisit the phonics sounds with your child and practice the sound they make and the rhyme used to form them. Please complete the I Spy 5 worksheet and find all the different representations of 5. Finally, please practice name writing. Encourage them to write over your writing and then have a go at writing their name independently using the Ruth Miskin rhymes. Please upload your child's work to Tapestry.