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Spring Term


Today the children followed the adventures of ‘Smartie the Penguin’ as he learnt how to be safe on the internet. We discussed what to do if something pops up while on a tablet, if a stranger messages you and to also not believe everything that is on the internet. We came to the conclusion that we must always tell an adult if these things occur while on the internet.

Making CVC words

 Children used Fred Talk to complete the missing sounds in the CVC words.

Floating and Sinking

Today the children were investigating whether an object will float or sink. We discussed what floating and sinking means and then the children were sent to find objects that they thought would either sink or float. Before they put the object into the jug of water they had to make a prediction.

Junk Model

The children were given the challenge of making their own type of transport using different junk materials. They were working hard on developing their fine motor skills throughout this task and were very proud of their achievement!

Observational drawing

Today the children drew a car. They looked closely at the car to start with and talked about what they could see,e.g straight lines, curved lines, different shapes, wheels, windows, doors. Then they drew their car making sure that they were looking at the car while drawing it.

Past or Present?

The children were learning about different types of transport from the past/long ago and present/now. The children were given the task of sorting different transport into the groups of past and present and encouraged to explain why they have chosen to put them into that particular group.

Representing zero

The children learnt about the number zero. They were given the task of representing the number zero and another number with objects.

Identifying different types of transport

The children identified different types of transport and discussed the different features that they have, e.g windows, wheels, lights. We then went on a short walk to observe how many cars, buses, motorbikes, bikes, aeroplanes, lorries and vans we could see. With this information, we put it into a bar chart and used vocabulary such as ‘most’, ‘fewer’ and ‘least’ when discussing this information.