Manor Primary School

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Autumn Term

Name Writing

Today the children practiced their name writing on their personalised whiteboards. They spent time copying over the letters and then had a go at writing it independently.

 To finish off their week's topic of 'Me!' the children talked about their appearance. They spent time identifying and describing their different facial features. They then had the opportunity to represent this on a paper plate using a variety of collage materials. The children spent time selecting appropriate materials and ensuring that they were the right colour before attaching them.

Today the children began their Welly Wednesday topic of Trees & Leaves. They spent time in the garden looking at the different trees and then collected the leaves. They spent time as a class comparing the leaves and looking for ones that were similar and different. Finally the children then chose their favourite leaf and had a go at creating their own leaf rubbing using paper and wax crayons. The children were fascinated by this process!


This week the children are focusing on talking about themselves and their families. They began the week by reading the story ‘Stickman’. They talked about the different family members that Stickman had and whether or not they were the same or different to their own family. The children then used sticks and eyes and hair to make their own families, finishing them with labels to show who each stick represented.


Today the children worked together to make their own Elmer. They each chose their paint sticks and coloured a square each to complete the picture.

The children have really enjoyed returning to Nursery this week and have particularly enjoyed the fantastic Summer weather!