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Week 17 (13th - 17th July)

Good morning Dove and Eagle Class,

This is our final week of home learning and what a journey it has been over the past 17 weeks! We are all extremely proud of every single one of you, including your parents, for keeping up with the home learning. We know it hasn't always been easy but you have finally reached the end. We haven't set any work for Friday, instead, use the activity grid to celebrate the end of term and the beginning of the Summer holidays.

You have been a wonderful year group to teach and we are sad that our time together in the classroom was cut short. However, we are excited and looking forward to seeing you back in September, when you will be in year 3. We have no doubt, that you will all be as amazing in year 3, as you have been in year 2. 

We wish you all a happy Summer, enjoy, relax and have lots of fun!

Love Mrs Pitt, Mrs Morris, Mrs Harris and Mrs Poole.



Maths - Litres

Maths - Temperature

Maths - O'clock and Half Past

Maths - Quarter to and Past