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Autumn 2021

Letters to Father Christmas

The children in Blackbird class tried really hard to form their letters correctly when writing their letter to Father Christmas. We then excitedly walked to the Post box to post our letters. After we had posted them we all took a pinch of magic dust and threw it into the air to make sure Father Christmas will receive our letters.

Sorting Shapes

The children in Blackbird class sorted shapes into triangles and circles. They began to talk about what they could see and how they knew it was either a circle or a triangle.

Fun in the snow!
Today we had a fun morning playing outside in the snow.


Today we discussed Remembrance Day and the significance of poppies. We then created our own poppies.

Bonfire Night!


The children have enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night. They talked about what bonfire night is and how people might celebrate it. They then toasted marshmallows and sandwiched them in between biscuits to make s’mores. The children thought they were very yummy!

Firework Pictures

The children watched a fireworks display and discussed the different styles of fireworks that they could see. They discussed the colours and the different shapes of the fireworks. Then they made their own firework pictures using cardboard tubes as the stamper and different coloured paints. They finally added some glitter for a bit of sparkle.


This week we have been learning all about Diwali- the Hindu festival of lights. We looked at the different ways families prepare and celebrate the festival. We created our own rangoli designs and made diva lamps.

The Gruffalo

The children have been focusing on the book 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. They have then enjoyed making Gruffalo crumble and making their own Gruffalo masks.  They made Gruffalo Crumble using apples and pears and helped to turn the flour and butter into breadcrumbs. They all discussed the changes that were happening as the ingredients were prepared. 

Repeating Patterns

Today Blackbird class went on an Autumn walk to see what natural objects we could find to make repeating patterns. The children completed some ab patterns with them and then were given the challenge to make some abb patterns. The children were able to verbalise the patterns that they had made.

Senses Investigation

Today we talked about our 5 senses, discussing what they allow us to do and which body parts these senses use. The children then had to use their sense of smell and touch to guess the smell and object. They were encouraged to use vocabulary such as hard, soft, smooth, rough to describe the object and then explain why they liked or did not like the smell.


The children listened to the story ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson and then as a class we discussed how families are important and special to us. The children then thought of a family member that is special to them and made a stick version of this family member.

Our First Days!

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Our Reception children in Dove class have enjoyed exploring their new environments. Have a look at what they got up to in their first couple of weeks! 🙂

Our First Week!

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Our Reception children in Blackbird class have had a great first week settling in! Have a look at what some of them got up to! 🙂