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We are all missing you greatly and are very proud of the work that you have completed at home. It has been great to see your photos and videos and how much fun you are having! We hope you are staying safe and being good at home. We can't wait to see you soon but until then we have made you a little something........

Lean On Me 2020

If you need anything, please feel free to email Miss James I can't promise to get back to you instantly, but I'll do my best to reply pretty quickly! 

It is really important that the children complete this work so that they can continue their learning journey and we will be using this as evidence in their books so please return all work in the plastic wallet that it is given to you in.

Every day the children need to complete:

  • Whiteboard name writing and fluency patterns
  • Read 1 book from the book list
  • Fitness Bingo

One piece of Art work should also be completed weekly. We have given a few suggestions for this around our topic next term which focuses on space and robots, however you can create your own masterpieces on this topic.

The book list enclosed is a great list of children’s favourites. I appreciate that you may not have all of these books at home and I don’t expect you to order them all but YouTube is great for watching stories and sharing them with your child as is a free website called Vooks which turns books into movies.

The Fitness Bingo cards in your packs are also a great way to get the children moving and can be made into a competition and will help with developing their gross motor skills. Joe Wicks also completes home fitness videos everyday at 9am for 30 minutes which are great for movement.