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Summer 2019

Above are the links to the homework grids for this term. I have split them into fortnightly activities to allow them to coincide with the work we are doing in class. They will be sent home in paper format fortnightly with your children. I have also attached the name writing sheets that we are sending home weekly so that you can use it as you wish.

Guinea Pigs

The children were extremely excited to receive their present from the Easter Bunny and they have been great carers, making sure that they have enough water and food and also that they have been following the instructions for handling them.

The World

The topic for this term is 'Planet Earth' so the children spent the day creating their own world map. They painted the land green and then the sea blue with a little bit of sparkle. They worked so hard to create their masterpiece and took their time trying to stay in the lines. 


This week the children have been learning about North America. Today the children explored Mexican food and tried nachos with guacamole, salsa and soured cream. They all tried the different dips and we were very surprised at how many of them enjoyed these acquired tastes. Well done Nursery!

Carnival Time

The children have been exploring South America and carnivals. They enjoyed making their own masks for their carnivals and dressing up in bright colours.

Brigadiero & Grilled Pineapple

The children completed some South American cooking this week making grilled pineapple and brigadiers- chocolate truffles. They are delicious treats from South America and the children enjoyed making them and eating them!

African Savannah

The next part of Nursery’s ‘Around the world in 60 days’ journey saw them arrive in Africa. They explored the savannah and the different animals they would find there and then created their own pictures using shapes for the trees and animals and then painting a sunset wash over the top. They were very proud of their work! 

Banana Bread

Continuing their exploration of Africa the children made and ate banana bread. They mashed the bananas, weighed the ingredients and mixed them together before cooking it. Their tummy’s rumbled as the smell filled the Nursery, however they soon got too taste their efforts which they were very pleased with!

Repeating Patterns

The children continued their exploration of repeating patterns. The children chose 2 potato print stamps to use for their patterns and created their own. They were very keen to create their patterns and could confidently recognise the next shape in the pattern.

Jollof Rice

Today the children continued their exploration of Africa and began to look at their cuisine. The children made a vegetarian jollof rice with the Year 6 children. They sliced and cut up peppers, garlic, onions and chillies before measuring out tomato purée and passatta and blending it all into a paste. They then cooked this on the stove and added rice and vegetable stock before letting the rice cook. The children shared their creation with their new partners from Year 6 and really enjoyed it.

Dressing up

Nursery were lucky enough to have some new dressing up costumes donated to us. The children absolutely LOVE them and had great fun dressing up in them as princesses and pirates!


The children in Nursery have continued their journey around the world and have stopped at CHINA! They have learnt about the different language they speak and write and had a go at pronouncing numbers 1-10 in Chinese as well as writing the initial of their name. They have also pushed themselves to try new things and have tasted noodles, stir fry vegetables, prawn crackers and hot and sour soup. They all developed their own opinions and gave feedback on what they had eaten. 

Beale Park

Today Nursery went on a trip to Beale Park. The children got to see a number of different birds including cranes and parrots. They then moved on to see the lemurs, guinea pigs and spiders. The children had a great time in the deer park before going to the little tykes village. After their lunch they then explored the African and Chinese gardens and particularly enjoyed the koi carp in the pond. 


Nursery to find the caterpillars that they have been watching grow had finally hatched. They spent the day studying them through magnifying glasses, watching them fly around and feeding them sugared water.


The children planted some seeds before Easter and have spent this term looking after them. They grew some sunflowers in pots and then planted them into the planters outside Nursery to give them space to grow. They were very proud of what they had done and have continued to water and nurture them.