Manor Primary School

Making People Successful

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Welcome to Nursery

Our Class Aims


Our aim in Nursery is to ensure that the children are offered an environment to grow and explore which is nurturing, constructive and friendly. Our Nursery encourages all learners to seek, challenge and make mistakes. We aim to prepare the children for their big step into school by equipping them with academic knowledge as well as practical skills to enable them to succeed.


Meet Our Team


Miss L James

I have been a teacher since 2013 after studying Primary Education for 3 years at Oxford Brookes. I became a teacher because I wanted to give children the experience of a fabulous teacher, the same as I had when I was a child. I want to give children the love and support they need to enjoy school and thrive in their learning.




Miss K Sturgess

I have been at Manor Primary for 27 years working within all key stages. I began my journey as a mum volunteering and then progressed in my career as a qualified Teaching Assistant, later developing to an Early Years Practitioner. Whilst volunteering I realised that every child is an individual in their own right and that this means the learning journey they take enables them to flourish. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of their learning journey.


Miss D Magowan







Mrs T Eastwood