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Week 9 (18th - 22nd May)

Friday 21st May 2020


Hello everybody.  Today is our Zoom meeting day so we are really looking forward to seeing you at 10.30 am today.  Remember your pen and paper as Mrs Syrad has a game for you to play yes Next week is half term so there will be no home learning posted on here.  However, if you go to your child's year group page there will be a holiday grid with some fun activities on it laugh



Watch the space story video below.  Can you make your own space story by adding in the speech on the comic strip? Have a go at making your own space stop animation using the ‘Stop Motion’ free app like we did in class for our superhero topic.

Still image for this video

Two practical activities today so pick the one that interests you the most.

Thursday 21st May 2020


Good morning.  You all should of got an email yesterday inviting you to our weekly Goldfinch meet up on Friday.  I hope you can make it smiley

Have a 5 minute brain break.......

Jordon's lava lamp science experiment

Wednesday 20th May 2020


Good morning! Today I'll be sending out invites for the next Goldfinch video call so please check your inboxes.  I hope you are all trying to keep active so why don't you try some of the physical activities of the week smiley

Lava Lamp

Some other experiments you may want to pick:

Time for a brain break......

Pick either Maths Task 1 or 2

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Hello everyone, I hope you're all well.  Please find below today's work:laugh



Have a 5 minute brain break....

Pick either Maths Task 1 or 2

Great work today....

Monday 18th May 2020


Good morning, I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the lovely sunshine.  I'm looking forward to seeing you again on a video call this week.  I will be sending out an invite soon plus please send me any work or things you have been doing at home. It would be great to hear from you.  Remember to check out your class pages for the other subjects yes

Time for a brain break.......

Pick either Maths Task 1 or 2