Manor Primary School

Making People Successful

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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent


At Manor Primary School we follow the statutory EYFS and National Curriculum as well as our own school curriculum which addresses the needs of our pupils and community. This curriculum is designed to be accessible to all pupils.


We have whole school drivers which underpin everything we do; they are at the core of our curriculum making it unique, purposeful and relevant. These are discussed at every planning meeting to ensure they reverberate in pupils’ learning.


Currently our curriculum drivers are: Health, Oracy and Well-being.


We believe that knowledge is 'sticky' and that pupils need to be taught in a way that they remember what they have learned. Knowledge is empowering and provides a strong foundation for success; the more pupils know, the more they can learn.


We have ensured that our curriculum is well sequenced and that key knowledge and skills are returned to frequently and regularly. Staff have a strong awareness of what children need to know by the end of each Key Stege and strive to ensure that they not only meet these milestones but can take these knowledge and skills into the next phase of their education.


All subjects are valued and given ample curriculum time; as much as we want our pupils to be successful in the core subjects, we also want to nurture confident individuals who are the artists, sportspeople and humanitarians of the future.