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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Rationale


At Manor Primary School we strongly believe that a well-considered, well-tailored curriculum should be at the core of everything we do. Decisions on whole school drivers and topics have been made with pupils, all staff and the Governing Body to ensure that we are fulfilling community and global needs and issues.


Drivers: Health, Resilience, Citizenship


The Great Outdoors: This unit serves to address many of the issues our pupils face today. Children do not enjoy the freedoms of previous generations, a lot of their social time is spent indoors and alongside the obesity epidemic, research shows that their mental and physical health is at risk.

Children very rarely have the opportunity to be bored, to think, to reflect; they live in a very ‘instant’ world and are constantly bombarded with information, entertainment and short term gratification.

In The Great Outdoors topic, we want pupils to get back to nature, to understand the principles and building blocks of the natural world around them, remember or be introduced to the beauty and majesty of simpler things at the same time as being engaged, getting fit and getting some fresh air!


Fantastic Beasts: This unit is one of pupil interest. Fantastic Beasts serves to show how incredible the animals we have on this planet are, as well as give opportunities for us to delve into the magical and fantastical world of dragons, unicorns, mermaids and gorgons!


Planet Earth: Two main threads underpin this unit: the environment and our global community. We want to address the issue of respecting and ‘saving’ our planet, reducing the amount of plastic used, recycling etc. Equally, this unit will serve as an opportunity for pupils to learn about the world around them and how we have both similarities and differences with those who live in other communities around the world.


Wonder: A term to focus on the wonderment and mystery in our lives, the unexplained, the magical, the curious and the amazing. A term where questions will lead the learning and astonishment will be felt! We will create a ‘Wonder Room’ full of curios and trinkets, puzzles and illusions. All units should open up a whole new realm of mystery and enigma, where the impossible can be impossible.


Work Hard: Play Hard: Children should be allowed to be children. They should play, get messy, create, explore… you get it! They will also grow into adults, some sooner than others, and will need to be responsible, hard-working, dedicated, good citizens… Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. Not only is play a source of fun that children deserve, it is also something that helps them in the journey towards being responsible citizens who can make decisions and be assertive, solve problems and build relationships. Working hard is also important. In an ideal world we want it to be innate for our pupils, not for external reward. The reward should come through the satisfaction of knowing you have worked for something and the feeling you get once you achieve it. Knowing that you learn from mistakes and failure is part of the journey towards success are important parts of developing a growth mindset.

Play games, make things, cook things, delve into hobbies, run a young enterprise. Work Hard: Play Hard!


2020: We will, at this stage, be firmly into the year 2020. This is the chance to look to our futures, our hopes and dreams. Our families and careers. We want to open up the pupils’ eyes to the different opportunities they will have in their futures, as well as the chance to predict what the future will look like. Think robots, space travel and the fact that we are training our pupils for jobs that don’t yet exist!