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Week 15 (29th June - 3rd July)

Hello Year 6! We are coming towards the end of term, which means that it will be very busy with getting your leavers video and year book ready for you. Thank you to everyone who has completed the tasks on last weeks grid; we have taken all of your work and have been putting it together for your year book or leavers video. As there are still a lot of you that haven't completed the tasks on the grid from last week, we will be posting the same grid again this week but it is important that you complete them so that you can be part of the leavers video and year book. All of the transition tasks are for the year book, which are named transition 1 & 2, need to be completed by Tuesday at the latest, as the pages for the year book need to be sent off by Wednesday morning. If your work is not received by Tuesday, it will not be part of your year 6 year book. 


For those of you that have completed the grid tasks, we have set you some maths challenges to complete. We have also heard from your secondary schools that they have sent you summer work packages, or posted these to their website, so please begin to complete those. This work will help you a lot with your transition to secondary school.


We hope you enjoyed the sunshine last week and we look forward to hearing from you again this week smiley


Miss Thompson:


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