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14th January 2021

Good Morning Dove class, 

I hope that you are all well this morning.  Fingers crossed we have less rain today so you can all manage to get outside for some fresh air.  It's the last day of our skipping challenge today, so please send in your totals to me by the end of today.


All the work for the day has been added below.  Please  email me if you have any problems and please remember to send me any work that you have completed so I can give you feedback.


Have a good day and I will see you at 9.30 am for our zoom.


Mrs Haines

Early Morning task

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E

Order groups of objects

Watch the video and complete the worksheet attached. Remember to use objects to help you. if you finish the worksheet and have more time, have a go at the extension sheet.

Computing - Algorithms

Still image for this video
Watch the video and pause when asked to go to the links below.
You will also need some paper, a pencil and a dice for the activities.