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Autumn 2022

Years 3 & 4 Team Letter - Autumn 2022


Dear Parents,

A reminder that our curriculum drivers are oracy, health and enrichment. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of reading with your child every day. This includes listening to your child read their school books and enjoying sharing another story (from school or home) perhaps at bedtime. If this is recorded in their Reading Log for every 5 times they read, they will earn a star.

Each child has one book within their reading level (their ZPD book), and one more book which they have chosen from any book in school.

Children are also expected to practise times tables at home using the website Times Tables Rock Stars. The expectation is that children are fluent with facts up to 12x12 by the end of year 4 at the latest.

Pupils need to have all items of uniform clearly named. PE kits should be in school for PE days (children will get changed in school): a yellow roundneck t-shirt, plain dark tracksuit bottoms or green shorts, school jumper or cardigan and appropriate footwear. Please note that jewellery is not part of the Manor School uniform.


As we move into the autumn term, please make sure your child has a coat on wet days as we might go outside at breaktimes or lunchtimes if it’s only a bit wet in the air.  


We look forward to working with you.


Year 3 & 4 Team

Miss Marney 
Mr Jeffreys



Key Dates this term:

Tuesday 6th September

Children return to school

Friday 23rd September

Jeans for Genes Day

Monday 10th October

World Mental Health Day

Friday 7th October

School Photographer

Friday 14th October

Heron Class Assembly

Monday 17th – Friday 21st October

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Monday 24th – Friday 28th October

Half Term Break

Monday 14th – Friday 18th November

Road Safety Week

Wednesday 23rd November

Christmas Fayre

Friday 9th December

Christmas Jumper Day

Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th December

Christmas Productions

Friday 16th December

Christmas Lunch

Monday 19th December

Class Christmas Parties

Tuesday 20th December

Last day of term – 2pm finish


Children are learning about forces, magnets and magnetism. They will also expand their understanding of electrical circuits including variable resistors. We will also observe and classify different types of rocks, as well as considering what can be made from different rocks and how they are weathered.



Children will learn about coastlines, how they action of currents affect the seashore. They will understand how erosion is a gradual process which can change the land around us. We will also look at how wind, water, ice and snow change surroundings, and how humans adapt to live in different environments including as a result of weather and climate variations around the world.



Children can be introduced to the idea that people from other civilisations have contributed to many ideas that impact on us still. They can learn about some of the differences in way of life between citizens of Baghdad and London c. AD 900. There is a strong emphasis on children investigating issues and solving valid historical questions recognising the nature of the evidence on which their judgements and knowledge are based.



Children will develop skills in: design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation; make a variety of puppets using different materials, complete a drawing from observation, learn the difference between a tint and a shade and create versions of a cartoon drawn by a famous illustrator.


Children in year 3 will learn basic language including colours and counting. Children in year 4 will be able to introduce and describe themselves to take part in a conversation.



This celebrates a wide range of musical styles, supporting listening, singing, playing, composing and performing.



Children in Year 3 will focus on football skills: sending and receiving the ball, pass the ball with accuracy, and implement basic rules of football. Children in Year 4 will focus on tag rugby skills: implement rules and tactics in a competitive situation, and increase speed and accuracy in passing the ball.



Children will following different biscuit recipes, describing features of different biscuits. They will use these to create their own biscuit recipes.



Children will explore the Hindu festival of Diwali.Our key question is how the celebration of Diwali will bring a sense of belonging in the home and the community. Children will also explore the true meaning of Christmas to Christians and how others celebrate it in different ways.



Children will explore Being Me In My World; explaining how my behaviour affects how others feel and behave, as well as explaining why it is important to have rules. We will also explore Celebrating Difference; describing different conflicts that might happen in a family or friendship, and explain how being in a conflict makes them feel.



Children will explore computer networks, understand the role of the server, and explain the journey taken by data packets when visiting a website. Children will also increasingly use Google Classroom tools to support other areas of their learning.