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Take a look below to see the exciting activities that are happening in our school.

Our Twilight Club offers after school care til 5pm Monday - Friday for only £5 per session.


To make a booking click on the following link:


See what's happening each day








Week Commencing

7th September


Computers – Design you own advert. Using IPADS and Video

Sports/Outside Activity

Ball Games

Cooking - Milkshakes

Arts and Crafts - Painting

Board Games – Exploring and Turn taking.

Week Commencing

14th September


Computers – Explore YouTube Kids

Sports/Outside Activity

Circuit challenge


Cooking – Shortbread Biscuits

Arts and Crafts – Decorate Shortbread biscuits and discuss Readings Biscuit Factory.  Recreate the Forbury Lion

History – Looking at Our hometown. Reading’s History

Week Commencing

21st September


Computers- IPAD

Treasure Hunt

Sports/Outside Activity

Team Games – Hockey skills, Football skills 

Cooking – Fairy Cakes

(cupcake day this week)

Arts and Crafts – British Wildlife college pictures.

Natural World – Red Squirrel Week. Explore Red Squirrel. Making a squirrel feeder.

Week Commencing

28th September


Computers – Exploring BBC bitesize

Sports/Outside Activity

Hoops and Ropes

Inset Day

Arts and Crafts - 3D paper models

Science – Explore space. Make craters, Bubble Planets, Marshmallow Star Consultations

Week Commencing

5th October


Computers – Using IPADs compose your own piece of music

Sports/Outside Activity

Whole group Games –

Bean Game, Fishy, Fishy in the sea.

Cooking – Rocky Road

(chocolate week)

Arts and Crafts – Design your own chocolate Bar.

Geography – Exploring

Where does chocolate come from? Exploring the country.

Week Commencing

12th October


Computers – Explore Marwell Zoo, London Zoo, Whipsnade Zoo live Webcam. What are the animals up to?

Sports/Outside Activity

Exploring Bats and Rackets

(cricket bat, Tennis Rackets etc)

Cooking – pasta salad

Arts and Crafts – Flags from around the world.

Make your own Flag.

Languages – Looking at other cultures and traditions. Explore different ways of saying hello

Week Commencing

19th October


Computers – IPAD Challenge – Make your own animation

Sports/Outside Activity


Discs, Javelin’s, hurdles

Cooking – Marshmallow Monsters

Arts and Crafts – Shapes. Design you own piece of art.

Maths/Construction - Design/Create a bridge structure that will enable a small car to travel safely across.

Week Commencing

26th October


School Holiday

½ Term

School Holiday

½ Term

School Holiday

½ Term

School Holiday

½ Term

School Holiday

½ Term


** Please note all equipment used will be sanitised before and after use or isolated for 72 hours as per Covid-19 regulations.**





Other Clubs available 






Year Group

Day / Time

No of children

Duration – Dates

Breakfast Club


All years

Daily at 08.00am

Daily charge as follows

£1.50 FS2-Y6

£4.50 Nursery





Coding Club

Mr Jeffreys



15.05 – 16.15