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Monday 11th January

Good morning Eagle Class,


I hope you are all well and had a good weekend - it was very cold and icy again, I hope you managed to get outside but wrapped up warm! If you want to get some exercise inside Joe Wicks is back doing his PE sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday live at 9am, there is a link on this page.


I'm looking forward to seeing you on the zoom call at 11m today, your parents should have the invitation details in my email - these will be the same for every call.


If you would like to share any of your work (perhaps read your poem or show the house you made) please have it ready with you and a pencil and piece of paper.


See you later.


Mrs Molley

Writing task for Phonics Groups C,D, E. The other groups can listen to the story 'The day the crayons came home' if they want using the link.

Maths Blue Group - Add ones using number bonds

Watch the video and only complete questions 1 to 4, the worksheet will be finished in tomorrow's lesson.

Remember you can use things like lego, buttons, pasta as resources to help you adding.

I have added the answers for Friday and today's questions and I have written them out to show you how I would do them, I hope it helps.

There is also a ten frame that you can print or copy to use.

Maths Green Group - Add a 2-digit and 1-digit number - crossing 10

Watch the video and have a go at completing the questions on the workout. Remember you can draw pictures and use objects like buttons, pasta, lego to help with counting and adding. Don't worry if you get any wrong or get stuck just have a try!

I am also posting the answers today showing my working out which I hope will help you understand better.

There is also a game you can play on scrap paper with dice - Mya was enjoying this at school on Friday!