Manor Primary School

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Summer 2022

Jubilee Day

Today the children have been focusing on the Queen's Jubilee and have been celebrating it. They began the day with a whole school assembly where songs were sung and they talked about the importance of the day The children then made their own crowns ready for the Jubilee lunch. They got to take part in a Jubilee themed photo booth and they then shared a special Jubilee lunch and got to enjoy the afternoon together with their friends.

3 Little Pigs Houses

The children have been working hard on creating their own houses for the Big Bad Wolf to blow down. They worked in groups to create houses using specific resources. The children then discussed their design, tried to blow it down and then labelled it.

Bread Making

Today the children made some bread like the ‘Little Red Hen’. They helped to weigh out the ingredients and then took it in turns to mix the ingredients. They followed the instructions, leaving it to prove and finally moulding it into rolls and baking it.

The Little Red Hen

The children have been exploring the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children spent this morning reading the story and then had a go at retelling the story and sequencing the events.

Porridge Tasting and Recipe Cards

This week the children have been exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ They began by trying porridge with different toppings and discussing how to make it. The children then recapped the instructions to make the porridge and wrote these down. They also wrote the equipment that they would need to make it. They used the Ruth Miskin rhymes to help with the formation of their letters and took their time, making sure that each letter was clear. The children also focused on their pencil pressure and control ensuring these used the appropriate tripod grip.

The children continued their exploration of Dear Zoo and spent time as a class creating their own version. They went through the story and changed the animals and the adjectives used to describe the. They then drew illustrations to match the writing. The children were very impressed with the story that they had created together.

Paper Plate Animals

Today the children began to explore the story 'Dear Zoo'. They spent time selecting their favourite animal from the story and then created it using a paper plate and paint. They chose their animal, painted their hand and printed it on the plate. Once it has dried they added eyes and details. Finally they threaded a cage over the top of their painting. Great work Nursery!