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Spring 2019

Keep an eye on these pages to find out what Nursery have been up to....

We have been focusing this term on Fantastic Beasts and have explored lots of magical and fantasy animals this term. We are loving seeing your homework come in and I have attached the homework grid below so you can continue with your fabulous learning at home. 

I have attached a letter formation sheet below for you to use at home to help your children with their name writing in preparation for school.

Fairytale Farm

Despite the typical English weather of awful rain and hurricane winds, the children enjoyed their day at Fairytale Farm. They had the chance to hold rabbits, walk sheep and feed the pigs as well as seeing alpacas, chickens, ducks, cows and guinea pigs.

Owen's Animals

The children showed true determination to overcome their fears and held a variety of reptiles and insects. They held stick insects, millipedes, tarantula, a bearded dragon and a snake. They enjoyed exploring the various animals and experiencing the feel of them in their hands. The children were extremely proud of what they did and enjoyed such a unique experience.

Counting & Patterns

Nursery have been working really hard in Maths and enjoyed creating repeating patterns using a variety of counting objects and then counting the total number of objects they used.