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Monday 18th January

Maths-Heron and Jay Class

We have added 3 activities for maths;

  • a maths practice activity
  • a maths activity
  • a maths challenge activity

For anyone finding the maths activity a bit tricky try the practice activity. 

For those of you completing the activity, why not try the challenge!!  Remember it is good to challenge ourselves.

Please watch the video before completing the activities. 

Multiply by 8

Maths Activities
Answers for Friday's maths

Falcon Maths - option 1 - 3 times table

A good recap if you're not secure on your 3 times table.
If you're already happy with your 3s, then scroll down to your 6s!

Falcon Maths - option 2 - 6 times table

Start here if you're already happy with your 3 times table.
Top tip: 6 is double 3, so if you know your 3 times table then double the answer and you've got your 6s! For example 4 x 3 = 12, so 4 x 6 is double 12 = 24.

Phonics Groups A and B
Phonics Groups C, D and E


Last lesson, you were thinking about how you get better when you are poorly. Today, you are going to be thinking about the Christian faith and their beliefs. Click on the power point to get started.


Now, complete the sheet to explain your ideas.


Follow the link to access this week's music lesson. Enjoy!