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Thursday 14th January

Hi Eagle,


Hope you are well today. Great to see even more of you on the zoom call yesterday and I hope to see you again today. Remember it is the last day to do the Class Challenge of skips or star jumps in a minute, please add up your best score from Monday to Thursday and send them to me tonight so I can find the total scores before our zoom call tomorrow. 


Have a great day.


Mrs Molley

Writing - for Phonics Groups C,D,E

Still image for this video
Watch the video to learn how to plan and begin to create a comic strip for your own crayon's adventure.

Maths Blue Group - Add by making 10 activity

Watch the video - there is no worksheet today but it will be useful if you have paper, pencil, ten frames and something to use as counters in the frames to join in with the practical activities.

Maths Green Group - Subtraction crossing 10

Watch the video, use practical resources or drawings to try out the activities - you might want something to use as counters (pasta, small pieces of lego, buttons) and ten frames.

Remember! Subtraction is the inverse (opposite) of addition. Instead of a bigger answer we get a smaller answer. When you subtract you are taking something away, the original number is getting smaller for example I had a 2 litre bottle of coke, I drank 1 litre and so there was only 1 litre left in the bottle.

When you do the worksheet make sure you use the number lines to help you as shown on the video.

Computing - Algorithms

Still image for this video
Watch the video and pause when asked to go to the links below.
You will also need some paper, a pencil and a dice for the activities.