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Wednesday 13th January

Maths-Heron and Jay Class

We have added 3 activities for maths;

  • a maths practice activity
  • a maths activity
  • a maths challenge activity

For anyone finding the maths activity a bit tricky try the practice activity. 

For those of you completing the activity, why not try the challenge!!  Remember it is good to challenge ourselves.

Please watch the video before completing the activities. 

Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number - exchange

Maths Activities
Answers for Tuesday's maths

Falcon Maths - Equivalent lengths mm and cm

A good reminder about converting between mm and cm.

When solving problems, make sure you convert measurements so they're in the same units as each other!

Falcon Maths Challenge

Tomorrow we're looking at kilometres - so this is a useful challenge to get your brain into gear for it!

Think carefully about how many metres in a kilometre...

Phonics Groups A and B
Phonics Groups C, D and E


Last week, we looked at the cartoonist Carl Giles and used drawing skills to draw famous cartoon characters. 


Activity: Draw the scene from Giles cartoon, but with your own family as the figures. You could choose a different location and draw with your own style (even stick figures). Make sure you give each person a distinctive feature to help identify them (hair style, outfit etc).


We look forward to seeing your art work.