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Incredible Years Parenting Programme

This term we are pleased to be offering the Incredible Years School Age Parenting Programme. This is a 14 week programme which supports parents with children aged 4 to 11. Would you like to learn a “parents’ toolbox” of ways to encourage positive behaviours and an increase in appropriate social and emotional skills, at home and in school? It is not a “we know best” group, but rather one where parents can swap ideas on what does/does not work in their homes, as well as the opportunity to learn some tried and tested strategies. A space where parents can have a (hopefully) laugh together and realise they have more in common than they think! This is a free programme. All we expect is parents/carers commit to attend at least ten out of the fourteen weeks, and respect the confidentiality of all concerned, no sharing of personal details on social media. It will commence on the 3rd February 2020, Mondays, 1.30-3.30 pm. Light refreshments will be provided. Up to 14 adults can be accommodated on the programme, keeping the group size manageable and ensuring everyone feels included. Please note, there will be no sessions during school holidays and Inset day, Monday 24th February 2020.


We have received queries regarding children finishing at 3.05-3.15pm, in answer to which, provision is being made for these children to be cared for by a member of staff until the group session finishes. As for pre nursery/pre school aged children, we were advised when we were training in readiness to run the group, that it is preferable not to have children in attendance, due to distractions. Therefore, we request if parents can make alternative arrangements for childcare of this age group can they please do so. We have to be seen as treating all the group members fairly, respecting the needs for all to access the course with little interruption. The intention is to provide a safe, non-judgemental, friendly atmosphere where parents can feel at ease and part of a supportive network.


 If you are interested please either contact the school via email or telephone; check the flyers positioned around school; or check out our Facebook page, by Friday 31st January 2020 please. If parents complete the form online, can you please inform the office of this.


 Alternatively, please contact the Children’s Single Point of Access via email at, quoting IY School Age Programme, Manor Primary School, February 2020. Please note the information is only used to measure how many families are being supported, and to help point families in the right direction if they would like additional information on pathways to accessing CAMH, for example. Attending and completing a parenting course can be an entry point to CAMH for some families, showing all avenues have first been explored.


Any parent/carer wishing to join the programme, but who prefers assistance with filling out the required form, can contact the school and this can be arranged. A paper copy can be provided, with the information collated online at a later date. Please note we do require numbers by Friday 31st January 2020.


We look forward to seeing you and/or a family member.


Mrs Syrad,   SEN TA/ELSA