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Spring 2019


This year in Chaffinch class we are working hard to on build on our Literacy skills by regularly practising our Phonics and completing daily formation activities.


The link below is a copy of the alphabet mat that we use in Chaffinch class to support the childrens' writing. All children have a copy of this in their trays and a copy was also sent home for them to use. If you would like another copy then please feel free to click on the link and download.

We encourage all children to practise their phonic sounds regularly. Children need to be able to identify a sound when shown so as a little activity perhaps you could point to different letters on the alphabet mat and encourage them to tell you the sound that it makes. When they are confident saying each sound, you could practise saying simple words and getting the children to tell you the sounds in that word e.g. mum, dad, cat, dog, jam, zip, bug, map etc. The alphabet mat will also help to aid your childs' writing skills as the picture shown with each letter links to a formation rhyme. There is a copy of the formation rhymes below also. Activities like these will help to strengthen your child’s phonic skills.