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Sports Funding 2019-2020


Sports Premium Grant 2019/2020 Impact Evaluation


Increase of participation rates in Netball, Rugby and physical activity at break and lunch times.

  • Provide all year Y1 and Y3 children subsided swimming lessons at Southcote school. This should increase the percentage of children able to swim 25m by the end of Primary school to meet the government aims. Some children in year 5 who just fell short of reaching their target were given the opportunity to have top-up swimming lessons in the hope they would achieve the 25m swim.
  • Participated in the Primary Netball Hi5 Tournament. This tournament took place across three days and it provided new opportunities for the school team to play other schools and gave all children a real competitive experience.
  • ‘Didi Rugby’ came into school and worked specifically with KS1 and FS to deliver professional sessions using the correct equipment.  The children got so much out of this that we used them twice as both teacher and children feedback was so very positive. Professional gym coaches ran a lunchtime club and was open to children of all ages across the school.
  • Break and lunchtime sports equipment was purchased as well as an outside storage for it to enable easy access. Children are able to use any of this equipment at break or lunchtime and this counts towards their daily physical activity.
  • Coach travel to multiple tournaments across a range of sports was provided. This enabled us to enter tournaments which were previously too far away to use local transport or staff transport.
  • We purchased two ‘Anomaly Interactive Wall Boards’ to increase the amount of opportunities children get to participate in physical activity. They are allowed to use these boards at break time and lunch time. Children in year 5 and 6 manage it at these times ensuring everyone gets a go and to keep a fast pace to the games to keep everyone interested. The active wall specifically increases your physical reaction time, hand eye coordination and most importantly children’s heart rate. It has encouraged children who are inactive in physical sports to take part as the electronic sounds and lights make it more game-like and attractive. Children have so much fun on them that they forget they are doing physical activity. Teachers were given training on the Active Wall Boards so they can use them for brain breaks and warm ups before or after lessons.

Increase success in competitive school sports.

  • We entered a team into the Reading Primary Boccia Tournament. Our school finished first which was an amazing achievement for them. They went through to the next phase of the tournament which was a county match that took place at Bisham Abbey. It gave the children real life competition experience as well as teaching them perseverance, strategy and stamina skills. They also had a sense of achievement and learned that training and working hard at something, can help you reach your goals. We will be entering again next year and build on the positive experience.
  • The purchase of the ‘P.E Hub’ which increases confidence in delivering sports amongst teachers whilst supporting them with easy to use primary PE lesson plans, schemes of work and teaching aids. This has a positive impact on the amount of sporting opportunities that children have at Manor.  P.E Hub also ensures that a deep breadth of skills is being embedded confidently by staff, as well as a good range of sports being taught.

Improvement in partnership work on physical education with other schools and other local partners.

  • We bought two competition standard netball hoops that we needed to host matches for other schools to come and play us. Along with this we purchased a netball kit to replace our old one that was in a poor and embarrassing condition.  Children have now been able to train properly, whilst keeping warm and we have taken part in a school’s cluster tournament in which we hosted and came first.   Our children were thrilled about this and felt proud to represent Manor Primary and they are now looking forward to the next one.  To increase a wider participation, we selected children who didn’t make the ‘A team’ which gave them the opportunity to compete with other schools and understand what good teamwork is in competitive sport.


Financial Expenditure

The Dfe have continued to fund the sports grant for primary students which is allocated using the October Census data.  The funding is allocated on an academic year basis and is paid in April and November of each year.  The funding is spent against set criteria that is sustainable and increases the activity levels in primary aged children.

£7,7762 received June 2019 (April 19-August 19)
£10,850 received November 19 (Sept19-Mar20)
£3,227 carried forward from previous year

£18,612 allocated plus £3,227 carried forward

£21,839 total allocation to be spent by 31st March 2020





PE Hub Subscription



Sports Coordinator TLR



Netball Posts


Allowed us to host competitions and train more teams e.g. B and C teams.

Football Tournament – June19


Coach Transport – TK travel

Didi Rugby Sessions – KS1/FS


External coaching 4 sessions per week – summer term

Anomaly Interactive Boards


2 x Active Walls purchased (op lease) – further £2,275 to pay next financial year

Didi Rugby Sessions – KS1/FS


External Coaching 4 sessions per week – 6 weeks autumn term

JMA Sports Academy SLA partnership


Reading partnership to increase the amount of competitions that were open to us.

Rugby Resources


Tags and balls

Playtime/Lunchtime resources/equipment


To increase the physical activity from children across the school of all ages.

Storage for above equipment


Storage for the playtime/lunchtime equipment.

Didi Rugby Sessions – KS1/FS


External coaching sessions per week – 6 weeks autumn 2019 term

Coach Travel Micklands School


11t March tournament

Coach Travel JMA


31st March tournament

Coach Travel


Netball tournament 7/11, 14/11, 5/12

Transport to JMA


Curling event and multi sports – 8 seater x 2

Didi Rugby Sessions


Rugby Spring External coaching

Coach Travel to JMA



Release Bars



Netball kit for Matches



Total Expenditure



Amount available


Carried forward to next financial year