Manor Primary School

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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

The governing body consists of people who are members of staff, parents, representatives of the local authority and the community and who have a wide range of backgrounds, skills and experiences. The governing body works as a team and accept collective responsibility for decisions made at meetings. We want to work in partnership with Mrs Swain and all staff to ensure that the School provides high quality education for all children irrespective of their background and ability. It is our objective to make Manor Primary School the school of choice for local community families and for the school to be seen as a key part of the community family.


Members of the governing body are:






Mr J Samuel Chair Co-opted  
Mrs D Preston   Vice-Chair Co-opted Finance & Buildings (Chair)
Mrs F Swain Headteacher Ex officio  
Mrs H Innes   Co-opted  
Mrs J Copley   Co-opted Curriculum & Standards (Chair), SEN
Mrs D Edwards   Local Authority People Management (Chair) & Safeguarding
Miss S Fielder   Parent  
Mr D Ellery   Parent  
Miss K Beasley   Co-opted  
Miss J Hodgson   Co-opted Health & Safety
Mr S Lathia   Staff Pupil Voice
Miss L James   Co-opted  
Mr S Innes   Co-opted  
Mr M Gash   Parent  


Executive Committee

Mr J Samuel
Mrs D Preston
Mrs D Edwards
Mrs J Copley
Mrs F Swain


First Committee

Mrs D Edwards
Mrs H Innes
Mrs D Preston


Second Committee

Mrs J Mendonca
Mrs J Copley
Mr S Innes


Pay Committee

Mrs D Preston
Mrs H Innes
Mrs J Mendonca


Headteacher Performance Management Governors

Mrs D Preston
Mrs H Innes
Mrs J Copley


Curriculum & Standards Committee

Mrs J Copley (Chair)
Miss J Hodgson
Mrs M Sehra


People Management Committee

Mrs D Edwards (Chair)
Mr S Lathia
Mr S Innes
Mrs C Carlucci

Miss K Beasley


Finance & Buildings Committee

Mrs D Preston (Chair)
Mrs H Innes
Mr J Samuel
Mrs J Mendonca
Mr D Ellery


Clerk   Mrs S Thompson