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Curriculum 2018/20 - Year 5 and Year 6


The Great Outdoors


Science – Investigating Living Things

DT - Textiles

History – Stone Age to Iron Age (Late Neolithic Hunter Gatherers)

Computing – Minecraft

1 x e-safety

Geography – Who are Britain’s National Parks for?

Music – Dancing in the Street

Art - Sculpture

PE – Football (Tournaments)

Dance (Xmas)



Fantastic Beasts


Science – Animals including Humans

Evolution & Inheritance

DT – Construction (moveable beasts)

History – Chronology Study (Crime & Punishment from Anglo-Saxons to present inc Suffragettes)

Computing – Creating Beastly Stories

2 x e-safety inc SID

Geography – What is a river?

Music – Classroom Jazz 1

Art - Painting

PE – Gym Y5/6 U1

Hockey F8



Planet Earth


Science – Materials

Earth & Space

DT – Cooking (international)

History – Ancient Egypt

Computing – Research & Presentations

1 x e-safety

Geography – Why are mountains so important?

Music – Happy; Reflect, Rewind, Replay

Art - Textiles

PE – Cricket (World Cup)

Tag Rugby





Science – Light


DT – Cooking

History – Viking & Anglo Saxon struggle for England to the time of Edward the Confessor

Computing – Code Making & Code Breaking

1 x e-safety

Geography – How do volcanoes affect the lives of people?

Music – Classroom Jazz 2

Art - Drawing

PE – Dance (Hakka Rugby World Cup)

Dance (Xmas)




Work hard: play hard! NHS resources


Science – Forces & Magnets

DT – Construction (play equipment)

History – Benin (West Africa)

Computing – Self Directed Website project

2 x e-safety inc SID

Geography – Why is fair trade fair?

Music – You’ve got a friend

Art - Print

PE – Gym Y5/6 U2






Science – Electricity

DT – Textiles (Bag for life)

History – Research Project: Are methods of communication more effective now than they were in the past?

Computing – Modelling/ Animation

2 x e-safety

Geography – How is climate change affecting the world?

Music – I’ll be there; Reflect, Rewind, Replay

1 x e-safety

Art – Digital Art

PE – Netball