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Curriculum 2018/20 - Year 3 and Year 4


The Great Outdoors


Science – Light


DT - Cooking

History – Britain’s Settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Computing – Garageband

1 x e-safety

Geography – How and why is my local area changing?

Music – Three Little Birds

Art - Print

PE – Dance




Fantastic Beasts


Science – Investigating Living Things

DT – Construction

History – Romans and their impact on Britain

Computing – Creating Beastly Stories

2 x e-safety (inc. SID)

Geography – Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry?

Music – The Dragon Song

Art - Sculpture

PE – Gym Y3 U2




Planet Earth


Science – Animals inc. Humans

Rocks and Soils

DT – Textiles

History – Famous black people throughout history

Computing – Research and presentation

2 x e-safety

Geography –Why do some earthquakes cause more damage?

Music – Blackbird; Reflect, Rewind, Replay

Art - Collage

PE – Cricket






Science – Plants

States of Matter

DT – Textiles

History – Ancient Greece

Computing – Programming Patterns and Optical Illusions

1 x e-safety

Geography – Beyond the Magic Kingdom

Music – Glockenspiel 1

Art – Digital Photography

PE – Dance

Rugby (World Cup)




Work hard; play hard! NHS resources


Science – Forces

DT – Cooking

History – Victorians (local history project)

Computing – Playing games

2 x e-safety (inc. SID)

Geography – Why do so many people in the world live in megacities?

Music – Bringing us together

Art – Drawing/ Painting

PE – Netball

Dance Y3 (Matilda)





Science – Electricity

DT – Construction

History – Chronology study: technology through history

Computing –  Research and presentation

2 x e-safety

Geography – How can we live more sustainably

Music – Glockenspiel ; Reflect, Rewind, Replay

Art - Textiles

PE – Athletics