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Curriculum 2018/20 - Key Stage 1


The Great Outdoors


Science - Plants

DT - Cooking

History – Christopher Columbus

Computing – Basic IT skills

1 x e-safety

Geography – Why do we love being by the sea so much?

Music – Rhythm in the way we walk

Art - Collage

PE – Gym (Shapes) Y1U1

Dance (Xmas)



Fantastic Beasts


Science – Animals inc. Humans

DT – Textiles (stitching puppets)

History – Greek Mythology

Computing – BlueBots and ProBots

2 x e-safety (inc. SID)

Geography – Why don’t penguins need to fly?

Music – Your Imagination

Art - Drawing

PE – Dance Y1U1 Jungles, Y2U1 Penguins

Send and Return (Ball Striking) Y1/2 U2



Planet Earth


Science – Investigating Living Things

DT – Construction (plastics)

History – Neil Armstrong

Computing – Google Expedition/Earth

2 x e-safety

Geography - How does the geography of Kampong Ayer compare?

Music – Zootime; Reflect, Rewind, Replay

Art - Print

PE – Attack & Defend (Football) Y1/2 U2

Hit, Catch & Run (Cricket) Y1/2 U1





Science - Materials

DT – Construction (teepees)

History – Ancient animals (focus on questioning)

Computing – Basic IT skills

1 x e-safety

Geography – How does the weather affect our lives?

Music – In the groove

Art - Painting

PE – Dance (Stars and Raindrops) Y2 U2

Dance (Xmas)




Work hard; play hard!


Science – Forces, Light, Sound

DT – Textiles (slippers)

History – Royal Family

Computing – Small group perseverance projects

2 x e-safety (inc. SID)

Geography – What is the Geography of where I live like?

Music – Friendship song

Art - Textiles

PE – Gymnastics Y1/2 U2 (intro to equipment)

Attack and Defend Y1/2 U1





Science – Earth and Space

DT – Healthy Cooking

History – Ancient v Modern Olympics

Computing – Programming BlueBots and ProBots

2 x e-safety

Geography – Why does it matter where my food comes from?

Music – Glockenspiels; Reflect, Rewind, Replay

Art - Sculpture

PE – Send & Return (Tennis & Badminton) Y2U1

Run, Jump, Throw (Olympics) Y1/2 U1