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5th-9th October


Maths- read the story 'The Button Box' by M. Reid. Discuss the different ways the character sorts the buttons, then practise sorting different items such as cups, food and socks at home. 

Maths- read the story 'Frog and Toad- A lost Button' by Arnold and discuss how objects can be sorted in different ways. Sort different objects in your home by colour, shape, texture or material.

UW- ask someone to draw around the outline of your body.  Sing 'head, shoulder, knees and toes'.  Identify the different body parts from the song and label them on the outline of your body. As you label the different body parts, discuss what they are used for. When all the body parts from the song have been labelled, discuss and label other body parts, e.g. leg, hand, foot.


Maths- go on a shape hunt and collect as many 2D shapes as you can. Sort these in different ways according to their properties, e.g.

  • Shapes that have 4 sides
  • Shapes that have 3 corners 
  • Shapes that have a curved side.

Maths- Find different 3d shapes in your home, e.g. sphere- ball, cuboid- cereal box, cylinder- kitchen roll. Sort the shapes in different ways. e.g.

  • Shapes that can stack / cannot stack
  • Shapes that can roll / cannot roll

​​​​​​​Can you come up with a rule of your own?

EAD- Follow the instruction sheet to make paper chain people.  Use pens, pencils or crayons to decorate them to look like yourself and your family members. Draw clothes, hair and facial features. 


Maths- play 'odd one out'.  Create / draw a set of up to 4 objects each having one criteria which makes it different to the others. For example with the shapes below, the circle could be the odd one out because it is a different shape to the rest or the green triangle is a different colour and the small triangle is a different size.