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16th-20th November



See tapestry for the work your child is learning in phonics this week.


Today we have been using the following board game. Print this off and follow the instructions to play the game. Alternatively have a go at creating one of your own. To challenge yourself, you could also have a think about the following:


How many spaces have you moved altogether? (you could show this as a number sentence... "yes, 2 + 2 = 4!")

How many more spaces do you need to move to get to the finish line? 

How many spaces am I ahead/behind you? What is the difference?




Listen to and recap the poem ‘Autumn Walks’. Discuss the nature the author sees during her walk. Talk about the differences between the seasons and what you might see.  What are the ‘leafy carpets, red and gold’? Would this be the same during the other seasons? Why not?

What is a sycamore seed? Have you ever seen one? (discuss the ones in the foundation stage garden). Explain how these fall down from the trees during the autumn. Where/how do conkers grow? When do they fall from the trees? Now create an autumn inspired picture using some of the signs of Autumn discussed.